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Resources for Pastors and Leaders

Thank you so much for taking the time to prayerfully consider bringing this show to your community.  If you are looking for more information, please fill out the contact form letting us know what community you are from.  We will reach out to you with details regarding what it takes to bring our show to your community, how we can work with you to offset costs as well as access to additional resources including a video of the full version of show. 


If you are curious about what stories appear in the show, below we have listed specific stories told during our performance. 

Stories that are ONLY in the FULL version are highlighted in yellow.


Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns about the show.

Contact Us!

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     Sarai and Hagar

     Tamar Judah's Daughter-In-Law

     Tamar Absalom's Sister




     Jephthah's Daughter



     Hannah and Penninah


     Ruth and Naomi




     Woman at the Well

     Woman Caught in the Act of Adultery

     Woman with the Issue of Blood

     Woman Whose Daughter had Demons


     Mary and Martha


     Pilate's Wife




     Lot's Wife

    Jael and Deborah

    Mary the Mother of Jesus

    Bible Women Rap



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