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Genesis 16

Okay, I’m just gonna say it. Sarah and Abraham are seen as these amazing individuals in the Bible. Abraham is “Father Abraham,” and Sarah is this example of how nothing is impossible with God’s help. But Hagar, who did nothing wrong, and is basically victimized by both these people, is never talked about.  



1 Samuel 25

And here I am, a Christian, so what role model do I have? So, I found the story of Abigail incredibly exciting and relatable...even though she knows it’s against the rules to take matters into her own hands and go directly against her husband’s will – gathers as much food and provisions as she can carry and runs out to David – ON HER OWN!



Genesis 29

So, when you ask me what my unforgivable sin is: it’s being born. And as a testament to that sin, I am not attractive.



Luke 10, John 11

He knew that these two awesome women would not give up, would call him on what He did, and would give Him a chance to show His power in a new way. He needs the voice of these women just like they need His power. So, why do women get chastised for speaking their minds?



Genesis 2, 3

I guess what no one tells you is that the knowledge you gain about doing the wrong thing is the worst part.You know now what the fruit tastes like and the feeling of power that you get from getting away with something does not last – at least not if you love the person whose rule you went against. And the punishment of your own guilt and pain over having hurt him. . . .is enough!



Genesis 38 & 2 Samuel 13

But how does she cope? Who does she talk to? What happens when she falls in love and is scared to have sex because of what happened? I mean, does this. . .destroy her? What are women who. . . what are people supposed to get from this story?



2 Samuel 3

It’s raining now and my dry skin drinks up the cool drops. I have won a small victory today, so small that I think, perhaps it will never be known. But I do not need praise or recognition. I do not need David’s apologies.



John 4

And I was thirsty, but not for men. Believe it or not, I was rarely thirsty for men. Everyone just assumes. But when He talked to me. . .Suddenly. . .not thirsty. Suddenly – and never again.




Luke 1

I’m not saying that I was suddenly okay with this whole arrangement – sometimes no matter how faithful you are and how willing you are to do whatever plan God lays out for you, it’s still hard to be happy about it. But I was at least. . .not alone.



Acts 9

And Tabitha blinks her eyes and Peter helps her up and she stands and returns to the community who simply would not let her die. I wonder if her story is in there for all the women who never get noticed….


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