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The Performance Itself

Each package includes:

  • the performance

  • audience talkback

  • equipment/tech for the show

Show Runtime:  2 hours 30 minutes* and a talk-back session where audience members can give voice to their experiences and ask questions


Cost per Performance: $2,000

          (Please see "Ways of Covering the Cost" below)


Additional Travel Expenses/Expectations:

  • One meal must be provided for the cast/crew if an overnight stay is required

  • Housing Accommodations (host homes/staying at the church/hotel) must be provided for the cast/crew if an overnight stay is required

  • If a production requires the cast to fly to a venue location, the organizations performed at will need to cover the cost of the airfar.  BWP will work to find other venues in your area at which to perform.  All venues will split airfare fees (which may be eliminated or significantly reduced if multiple venues book in the same area)

For more information about booking a performance, email our team at

*An "abridged" version of the show (run time 1 hour 30 minutes) is available on special request


Ways to Cover the Cost

Interested in having the show to your church, college, or 

organization? Not sure of how to cover costs? Here are some ways others have paid:

1. Organizations have set aside part of their budget to finance the

2. Organizations have charged for tickets or asked for donations to cover the cost.

3. We can place you or pair you with a church that is on our

 interested list. Together you can share the cost of the show.

We work hard with churches to come up with payment options.  Please contact us and we will work with you to bring this show to your community.


Still not sure if BWP is right for you? Contact us and we can talk 

through your concerns and questions. Or let us put you in contact with pastors, organizational leaders, and others who have seen the show and can speak first hand about the experience. We believe in our mission to bring women’s true stories to light, begin honest 

conversations about the Christian faith, and have witnessed God’s transformational power through this production. We want to hear from you.


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